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Welcome to Cayman Islands Netball!

Netball is more than playing

Welcome to the ‘Home’ of the Cayman Islands Netball Association (CINA) website.

Mounting evidence shows that playing sports can transfer into other areas of our social and economic life; helping individuals to become a better and more confident person. Netball is one of the six focused sports in the Cayman Islands, which offers much more than just physical benefits derived from the playing of the sport. Those who have been involved in the sport have indicated that the impact of their involvement extends into other spheres of endeavours: through maintaining levels of fitness and exercise helps with mental attitude and fortitude by maintaining good mental health and strength; builds social relationships skills, and develop a commitment, determination and a competitive mindset derived through competition and challenging oneself to be the best one can be. Above all, players have commented on participation in netball not only enable them to develop physical skills and prowess but team working and, through international travelling, has helped them to broaden their perspectives through comparative learning experiences.

Vision for netball:

The vision for netball in the Cayman Islands can be seen in our Strategic Plan: Netball 2025 .  The vision enshrined in the plan will drive netball forward over the next five years in the Cayman Islands; it is CINA’s blueprint for developing home grown talent and for growing the sport right across the Islands.

Cayman Netball team was the most successful national team in sport in the Cayman in 2019 as determined by the world ranking across all internationally recognised sports and Netball 2025 will continue this legacy, delivered against our four strategic pillars

  • Effective governance and leadership
  • The Game
  • Empowering through Netball 

There is one aspect of our ambition for the future of netball that we want to highlight and it’s our commitment to empowerment. The power of sport, of women’s sport, and of netball in particular, to change lives is extraordinary. CINA will continue to play an enabling role to empower women and girls – but more than that, we want to change communities for the better.

Netball is a ‘lifestyle sport’ played by people of all ages and abilities – and not just girls and women. CINA remains committed to the continued local and national growth and development of netball. It will work together with its Members, Regions and partners to promote our core values in the achievement of our long-term goals.

Lucille Seymour BEM, JP
President CINA

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