For the new season 2021-2022 we are updating our registration form to be online entries. Please complete the following sections ID No. (individual membership registration Number) and we need you to upload your photo (image) Data Protection: By completing this form you would need to give consent & permission to held your information and used for strictly by the CINA (Cayman Islands Netball Association). Your information will not be used or sold to a third party or person. For your detail can be deleted on written confirmation. Whats capacity the committee needs to keep the membership numbers from 00000 to 00010. individual membership should id> number with letters to ideniftify their involvement A=Association, C=Coach, U=Umpire, P=Player, O=Official, T=Teacher, Volunteer.

Individual Membership Registration Form(   Deadline for submission of registration forms is 30th October 2021 )

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