2016 – 2017

The Cayman Islands Netball Association Junior League (hereafter to be known as the League) The Divisions will be Under 12s and Under 14s.


1.1       Games will be played according to INF Rules and to Cayman Islands Netball Association Junior League Codes of Conduct for Athletes/Coaches/Umpires/Parents and Carers. Each club must confirm that the Codes of Conduct have been shared with all club members. Team Managers are responsible for the conduct of their team’s players, officials and supporters on match days.

1.2       All clubs and members shall comply with CINA ‘Safe Guarding Young People in Netball’ policy.

1.3        All clubs shall comply with the league’s ‘Photographic & Imaging’ policy.

1.4        No piercings, or any item of jewellery except medical alert bracelet, which should be taped. No adornment that may endanger player safety shall be worn. Fingernails shall be short and smooth.

1.5        No team may commence playing until the annual subscription is paid.

1.5.1     Only two teams per club is permitted per division.

1.5.2     Teams must appoint a team manager for each match.

1.5.3     Team managers must wear the club’s colours.

1.5.4     Only team and match officials may remain by team bench during matches.

1.6        In this the inaugural setup of the Junior League 2016/17, clubs will be required to pay 50% for club fees. Established clubs will still be required to pay one set Club fee.

1.7        At the beginning of each season each team shall register its playing colours. No player shall be allowed on court unless wearing the registered playing colours.

1.8        Each team must provide its own size 5 match ball.

1.9        Standard Netball post height (10ft) will be observed for all junior matches.

1.10      Registration of players

1.10.1   Teams will be allowed an unlimited number of registered players in any one season, but a minimum of seven players per team must be registered with the Junior League Registration Secretary by Midnight on the Thursday before the first match of the season.

To qualify to play in the appropriate Division, players must be Under 12/14 at 11.59pm on the 31 August prior to the start of the season. Players may play in a higher age group than their age if skills are appropriately managed.

1.10.2   A team registration sheet with at least seven players’ names and signatures must be submitted to the registration secretary by close of play on the first game of the season.

1.10.3   Additional players may be registered provided that notice is given to the Registration Secretary by Midnight on the Thursday before the match on Saturday. All registrations must be made via email to the Registration Secretary. Additional players must also submit documentation detailing their full name, age and team playing by their first fixture.

1.10.4   Players must be registered in a team at the beginning of the season. In the event of a player being promoted or having to withdraw, a replacement registration must be made so that the team maintains the minimum registration of seven active players per team throughout the season.

1.10.5   A lower team player may be upgraded TWO times only during the season, on the THIRD occasion she is deemed to be a member of the team to which she has been promoted. She may not then be demoted.

1.10.6   A player registered in an older age group division at the start of the season is unable to play in a lower age group division.

1.10.7 A player may only play for one club in the league at any one time. Should a player wish to leave their original club and play for another club during the course of a season, they will need to be formally released by that original club. This release must be received by the Registration Secretary by Midnight on the Thursday before their first game for the new club.

1.11      Affiliation of players and umpires

1.11.1 Clubs must submit a copy of the Affiliation/Registration to the Junior League Secretary before the start of the season. Players or umpires may be added during the season but the club must confirm that they have been affiliated via the junior league secretary in the first instance, Junior League secretary will then pass the information onto CINA Registration Officer

1.11.2. The League Committee reserve the right to undertake spot checks at any point during the season, to validate player registrations and umpire affiliations.

1.11.2 Teams found to use unaffiliated players or umpires will have a 3 points deduction from their total.

2.0       MATCHES

2.1        All matches shall be played on the pre-arranged dates, times and venues.

2.2        In exceptional circumstances teams may submit a request for a change in fixtures e.g National or Schools tournament or club tour. Notification of the request to change must be received by the Fixtures Secretary by the 31st September. Any changes to fixtures will be at the discretion of the Junior League Committee.

2.3        The games are to start at 4.00pm (Under 12) 4.45pm (Under 14) across the island.

2.4        Teams can start the game with five (5) players.

2.5        Games will start at the allotted time – There will be NO grace period. If Team A is not on the court, the opposition, Team B, will score 1 goal for every minute Team A are late. Any team not on court at the start of the second quarter will forfeit the game. The timer will start the clock at the allotted time even if teams do not take the court.

Example: If Team A is 3mins late – When the teams take the court the clock will be at 3mins and so there is 12mins left of the 1st Q and the score will be 0-3.

Games for U12s will be 32 minutes (8 minutes each quarter)  2 minute intervals between quarters and 4 minutes during half-time. 40 minutes total

Games for U14s will be 40 minutes (10 minutes each quarter).  2 minute intervals between quarters and 4 minutes during half-time. 50 minutes total

2.6        A player arriving late may only enter the game after a goal has been scored or immediately following an interval or at a stoppage for injury or illness.

2.7        A match can only be replayed in the event of bad weather. In the event of temporary bad weather during a match, the umpires and team managers will decide whether it is safe to continue play. Teams must remain at the ground until the decision has been announced.  Fixtures secretary must be notified asap after decision has been made.

2.8        If a match is abandoned, a decision will be agreed by umpires and team mangers, to rearrange the fixture on spare dates.

2.9        Teams cancelling or failing to fulfil a fixture must concede the points. Teams cancelling a fixture with prior notice (i.e. up to the Friday before the game) will forfeit TWO points. Those failing to fulfil a fixture without prior notice will forfeit THREE points. Any team which has cancelled and/or failed to fulfil three games or more will forfeit their position and will have to seek re-entry to the League for the following season

2.10      In the event of teams withdrawing from the League during the playing season, all previous matches and points are removed from the record.



 3.1.       Each team must provide an umpire. Unqualified umpires must have attended a Working towards C Award course within the last 12 months.

3.1.1     The league may not always have neutral umpires, therefore a team/club member can umpire matches.

3.2        The minimum age for umpires is 14 years old. Umpires may not umpire matches for a higher age group than their own age.

A club that supplies an umpire under 18 years old has a duty of care to the umpire and is responsible for providing a suitable adult for duration of the match, i.e. club coach or safeguarding officer. Clubs that fail to provide a suitable adult to a junior umpire will be reported to Cayman Islands Netball Association.

3.3        During season 2016/17 there will be trainee umpires alongside experienced umpires

3.4        Umpires must ensure that the score card is fully completed and signed by all players before the start of any match. Substitutes must also sign the cards before entering the court for the first time.

3.5        Substitution of an umpire is only allowed when, due to illness or injury the allocated umpire cannot continue, or where a late arriving allocated umpire replaces a temporary umpire (appointed to cover in their absence). In all other instances a member of the League Committee must approve any change of umpire.

3.6        An umpire’s clothing shall be white or cream in colour on the upper body, while officiating. Umpires shall wear footwear and clothing appropriate for playing netball.


3.7        In addition to providing a suitably qualified umpire, all teams must provide a person to take and keep score for their match. The scorer must time the match, intervals and injury time. This can be more than one person’s responsibility.


4.1        INF rules; 9.1 – Both teams have the right to make substitutions and/or team changes; during an interval, when play is stopped for injury/illness or blood. The number of substitutions is not limited provided the players used are those named for the match.

5.0       STOPPAGES

5.1        Play may be stopped for an injury or illness at the discretion of the Umpires. A stoppage of up to 30 seconds is allowed from when time is called to decide whether the injured or ill player is fit to continue play. This decision shall be left to the team’s Officials. If the full 30 seconds are utilised, then the injured or ill player must either resume play or leave the court in response to the umpire’s notification of 10 seconds remaining of that stoppage time. If the injury is such that the player cannot be moved, the match must be abandoned.

5.2        Play may be stopped by the Umpires for an emergency relating to:

(i)         the equipment, court, weather or interference by outside agencies

(ii)         a player’s person or clothing

(iii)        Officials officiating at a match.

Umpires shall decide the length of the stoppage or whether the match should be abandoned.

5.3        In the event of a match being abandoned, a written report should be submitted by the umpires and team managers to the Junior League Committee.

 6.0       RESULTS

6.1        5 points will be awarded for a win, 3 for a draw, 2 for the losing team.

6.2         Both umpires and players who took the court must print their name on the team sheet. Team Managers are responsible for the full completion of their team sheet ie. Team name, date, time, player’s names and umpires’ signatures with the correct final score that matches the other team’s score card.

6.3        Results will be posted on the website or emailed to team managers.  Any adjustments ie a team withdrawn it will be confirmed by the League Committee.

7.0       DISCIPLINE

7.1        All queries or complaints regarding the playing of a match, the scoring and/or its result MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING to the League Complaints Co-ordinator within 72 hours.

7.2        Where the Complaint relates to the playing of a Match, the scoring, and/or its result, the relevant Team Captain/Official must do the following:

7.2.1  Inform their opponents and the Umpires of their complaint at the match.

7.2.2  Mark the Score sheet with the words ‘under protest’.

7.2.3  Submit the Score sheet in the usual way.

7.2.4  Submit the written complaint in full to the League Complaints Co-ordinator who will acknowledge receipt.

7.3         ALL complaints and disputes regarding 7.2 will be determined in the first instance by the League Committee, which will use its best endeavours to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

7.4        The decisions made by the League Committee in relation to 7.2 are binding apart from where parties to the complaint have the right to appeal the decision under Section 8 APPEALS PROCEDURE.

7.5        Where a complaint relates to the administration of the league by the League Committee, such complaints will be dealt with under the Complaints Procedure of the Cayman Islands Netball Association.

7.6        Where the complaint relates to the behaviour of an individual Player or Team participating, volunteering or individual attending a Match which could be considered as a Disciplinary Offence under Cayman Islands Netball Association Disciplinary Regulations, such complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the processes set out in CINA Disciplinary Regulations.

7.7        Members who misuse social media by engaging in offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour and/or abuse or misuse of power that is meant to undermine, humiliate or injure the person on the receiving end will be referred to Cayman Islands Netball Association.


8.1        The decision of the League Committee in relation to a complaint submitted in accordance with section 7.3 shall be final and binding on all parties save that a party has a right to appeal in the following circumstances:

8.1.1   If the decision has a potential impact on a match result, a league table, or the outcome of the Competition; AND

8.1.2   If there has been a failure by the League Committee to follow or act in accordance with these Regulations and/or has reached a decision on the basis of an error of fact.

These are the only grounds of appeal and any appeal must be submitted in accordance with the appeals process set out below:

8.2        An appeal should be forwarded in writing from the Captain of the appealing Team to the Complaints Co-ordinator within 72 hours of receiving the decision, who will refer it to CINA Open League Committee.

8.3        The appeal must be accompanied by a cheque for $100 (payable to CINA) which will be returned if the appeal is upheld or if there are any other extenuating circumstances, a decision taken by the Competition Appeals Committee (8.4).

8.4        CINA will establish a Competition Appeals Committee which will consist of individuals that are independent of and not connected to the Junior Netball League.  One of those individuals will be appointed as the Chair.

8.5        The Chair of the CAC will send the appeal to the opposing Team and any other Team the CAC believe could be affected by the outcome of the appeal. These Teams will be permitted seventy two (72) hours, from the date the appeal notice is sent from the CAC to submit any evidence or submission that they wish the CAC to consider.

8.6        All submissions and evidence must be submitted in writing. The Chair of CAC will have the discretion to determine the process, procedure and direction of the appeal.

8.7        The CAC shall meet and reach a determination within seventy two (72) hours of receiving all the evidence and submissions.

8.8        The CAC will notify all the parties that made submissions and presented evidence of its decision and any penalties and sanctions imposed within twenty four (24) hours of it reaching its determination.  The CAC shall have the discretion to publish the decision through whatever means it considers appropriate.

8.9        The CAC shall have the delegated power of CINA to make all decisions and impose and enforce any penalties and sanctions (including but not limited to, reprimands, the deduction of points, fines, suspensions and expulsions from the Competition) relating to the appeal.

8.10      The procedures set out in this section shall be governed by the Arbitration Act 1996 (the Act) and amount to a binding arbitration agreement for the purposes of Section 6 of the Act.

8.11      The parties also waive irrevocably their right to any form of appeal, review or recourse to any court or other judicial authority.

8.12      The seat of arbitration shall be Cayman Islands, the language used shall be English and the governing law of the regulations and these proceedings under Section 3 shall be English Law.

8.13      If the circumstances require a decision to be taken sooner than provided for by this section, and all         parties to the appeal consent, the timetable within which an appeal is raised, submissions made and the decision taken can be shorter than seventy two (72) hours stated in this Section. In such cases the CAC shall issue a revised directions timetable which shall be binding on all parties.


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